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Heavy Haul/Oversized Load Transport

Heavy Hauler Trucking Company ( provides heavy haul trucking and shipping for all types of oversize/wideload shipments for all commercial shippers. Since works with hundreds of US and Canadian freight companies, truck companies, common carriers and motor freight carriers --

Heavy Haul/Oversized Load Transportaion is Not a Problem!

Quality heavy haul services to-and-from any point within the United States and Canada. Our fleet of heavy haul trailers, trucks and equipment can handle any Huge, Gigantic, Mega and Oversized Load. Our heavy haul operators and drivers are "Top-Notch", and will ensure the safe delivery of your freight shipment.

Coast to Coast Heavy Haul Freight Trucking

We are one of the top trucking companies in North America, with American and Canadian heavy haul carriers/trailers. We have heavy freight shipping to Alaska. Our freight rates are competitive with other top trucking companies. If you need US or Canadian heavy haul trucking freight rates, Click Here for Your Online Freight Quote!

With our online freight quote system, you can get the cost per mile for heavy haul loads in minutes (during reg. bus. hours).

Even though we are a discount freight shipping company, we offer the highest of quality standards when it comes to your oversized / heavy haul load. Our shipping agents will quickly quote you for freight forwarding or freight trucking logistics. Oversized carriers to fit all oversized truck loads.